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Family Owned and Operated Surety Bond Agency.

Nicole and Eric started Schmalz & Associates to bring their expertise to contractors to help them achieve their goals. Nicole and Eric have strong relationships with their surety company partners. The Schmalz team is a partner in your business and enjoys helping you in whatever way they can.

Meet Our Leaders

Eric Schmalz


Most people stumble upon the surety industry by accident. I was fortunate to be introduced to this great industry by my father, Brian Schmalz. As a kid I got to hear a lot of stories around the dinner table and gain a basic understanding of Suretyship. After growing up in the Philadelphia area and graduating from the University of Delaware, I started my surety career in 2002 in Los Angeles with Lou Jones & Associates, a division of Kemper Surety. When Kemper Insurance went out of business, we transitioned to start Arch’s surety operation in 2003. After a few years in Los Angeles, I moved to Denver where I was a senior surety underwriter for Safeco/Liberty for over 7 years. After that, I was Denver branch manager for Great American Surety from 2013 to 2017. I’ve also been very fortunate to have some great partners and successful experiences in land development and construction in Colorado and those endeavors are ongoing still today. These experiences give me a much deeper understanding of the challenges developers and contractors face daily. 

Nicole and I have always admired construction contractors, the risks they take and the social benefit in what they construct. To develop closer relationships with contractors as clients and offer the knowledge gained as underwriters, we established Schmalz & Associates Surety Bonds.

We’re excited to meet you and help in any way we can!

Nicole Schmalz


Nicole Schmalz is one of the Principal’s of Schmalz & Associates PLLC, a surety bond only agency. Prior to becoming a surety bond agent, Nicole was a surety underwriter for 15 years for a major surety company.  And had various roles in the financial services industry prior to starting her surety career.  Nicole holds the Associate in Fidelity & Surety Bonding designation.  And graduated from Drake University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance.  Nicole and her husband, Eric, have one daughter.  Nicole enjoys spending time with family, volunteering at their local animal shelter, lifting weights and reading.

Nicole is dedicated to providing exceptional service to her clients.  And helping them achieve their goals.