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City of Austin Right of Way Bond

The City of Austin, Texas requires a $10,000 Right Of Way Bond in several different circumstances. This bond is associated with a Right Of Way Permit. Some of the instances when you need a Right of Way bond are when you need a Right of Way permit for the following:

  1. Temporary Use of Right of Way
  2. Driveway/Sidewalk
  3. Excavation


We are a surety bond agency located in the Austin, Texas area.

We can help you secure your City of Austin Right Of Way Bond. The process is simple and we can get you your bond as quickly as the next business day.  Here are the steps to acquiring your Right Of Way Bond:

  1. Complete our online application for Contractor’s License Bonds here.
  2. Select your shipping method.
  3. Pay with credit card using our secure site.
  4. We will ship to you using your selected shipping method.

What is the price for a City of Austin Right of Way Bond?

The premium for a $10,000 City of Austin Right Of Way Bond is typically $100. The only other fee you pay is a shipping and processing fee.

Once you obtain your Bond you should provide the original to staff at The City of Austin.


Do you have questions related to obtaining your Right of Way Bond?  We are here to help you! Give us a call at 512-640-6444 or email us at  We are your local Texas surety bond experts!

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City of Austin ROW Permit website


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