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City of Waco Cement Contractor’s Bond

The City of Waco, Texas requires that contractors that need a right-of-way permit to obtain a bond. Contractor’s that need to perform work in the right-of-way must first obtain a permit. However, permits are only issued to contractors that obtain the City of Waco Cement Contractor’s Bond.

Who Needs A Cement Contractor’s Bond?

If you are a contractor performing work in Waco’s right-of-way, you must obtain a permit.  But to obtain the permit you must first obtain a $5,000 Cement Contractor’s Bond. Only bonded contractor’s will be issued a permit by the city.

How Do I Obtain A Cement Contractor’s Bond?

It is a very simple process to obtain the $5,000 bond.  Here are the steps:

  1. Complete our application with basic information on your company (select Contractor License Bond)
  2. Pay the premium for the bond
  3. We will email or mail the original bond to you for submission to the city

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How Much Does This Bond Cost?

A $5,000 Cement Contractor’s Bond has a premium of $100.  There may be shipping and processing fees depending on your situation.  We accept credit or debit cards for payment.  All online transactions are secure.

Who Can I Call With Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the $5,000 City of Waco Cement Contractor’s Bond we are happy to help! You may call Nicole or Eric at 512-640-6444. Or email Nicole with any questions.

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