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Texas Certificate of Title Vehicle Bond

Have you recently been to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and been told that you need as surety bond?  You will need a Texas Certificate of Title Vehicle Bond. And we can help you!

Why Might I Need A Texas Certificate of Title Vehicle Bond?

Perhaps  you’ve lost the title to your vehicle? Or, for instance, you bought a vehicle with no title?  Or perhaps you bought a custom vehicle or trailer that did not have a title? In order to be issued a Texas title you must provide evidence of clear title. One way to do that is to provide a surety bond.  You must purchase this surety bond from an agency that is licensed to sell vehicle surety bonds in Texas. We can help you obtain a Texas Certificate of Title Vehicle Bond and rest assured that the process is easy!

How Do I Obtain A Vehicle Surety Bond?

Here are the steps that you should follow to obtain a vehicle surety bond in Texas:

  1. Complete a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Bonded Title Application form.
  2. Upon approval of this application you will be provided with the Bond Amount for the surety bond. The surety bond is equivalent to 1.5 times the value of the vehicle.
  3. Provide us with a copy of the approved application.
  4. Pay the premium for the bond.  The minimum premium is $150. Generally, the premium on the bond is 1.5% of the amount of the surety bond but it can vary.
  5. We will ship the bond to you via the method you choose.

You may use our online application to easily submit your request to us, select your shipping payment and pay via credit card using our secure website.  You can have your bond as soon as the next business day!

Additionally, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles provides information on the process to obtain a title here.

We look forward to working with you to help you obtain your Texas Vehicle Surety Bond!  You may email us with any questions at or call us at 512-640-6444.

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