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City of Dallas Paving Bond

What is a City of Dallas Paving Bond? This bond is required of any contractor performing paving work in the city limits, including driveway approaches, sidewalk, and curb & gutter.

What protections does the City of Dallas Paving Bond offer?

  1. It offers financial security, protecting the City should a contractor not follow required specifications and ordnances and construct in a workmanlike manner, free from defects.
  2. It protects the City and holds it harmless against any persons or property that may have been injured in prosecuting the work.
  3. It supports maintenance of related construction for a period of five (5) years.

If you are a contractor performing driveway approaches, sidewalk, and curb & gutter work within the Dallas City limits, be sure to secure your Paving Bond first, before applying for any permits. Schmalz & Associates Surety bonds will help you through the quick and easy process of getting your bond. This $10,000.00 bond requires a simple application and no underwriting! Typically the cost is only $150.00.


How do I get my City of Dallas Paving Permit?

  1. Purchase your Paving Bond through Schmalz & Associates, you must have your bond in place before a permit will be issued.
  2. Complete your Permit Application form.
  3. Provide Site Plans.
  4. Consult with the City to be sure you are following the proper procedures and guidelines, specifically sidewalks where you may secure a waiver of permit and plans.

How Do I Obtain My Bond?

  1. Complete our application. (Use our Contractor License Bond Application)
  2. Select your shipping method – you must submit the original bond to the City.
  3. Pay the $150 premium over our secure site.
  4. We will ship your bond to you.

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We hope this article helped to answer this question. If you need assistance obtaining a surety bond in Texas please reach out to us at Schmalz & Associates we’d love to help in any way we can. Please contact me, Nicole Schmalz, at or call me at 512-640-6444 and I can help you.

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