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It’s almost election time again!  And many newly elected officials will either need to renew their public official bond or obtain new public official bond.  There are a number of different positions in local and state government that will require you to post a bond once you are elected.  The purpose of the public official bond is to provide a guarantee that you will faithfully perform all of your duties as an elected official.  The bond is typically very easy to obtain especially is the amount of the bond is $50,000 or less.  Public official bonds of $50,000 or less typically only need a quick application, pay the premium and we can deliver an electronic copy to you the same day we receive payment.  Be sure and check to see if an electronic copy is acceptable.  There are still some requirements for an original to be delivered.

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We are here to help with all of your public official bond needs.  We can help you with your local Texas public official bonds whether that be city government bonds, county bonds such as Williamson or Travis county and State of Texas bonds.

Please give us a call at Schmalz Surety at 512-640-6444.  Or email Eric Schmalz

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